Thursday, September 30, 2010

FANTASY FONE, Phantasy Phone...

I was a kid might be 10 or 12 years old when I had my first encounter with this beautiful and so powerfully amazing gadget, probably most revolutionizing invention after electric bulb and air plane…
My dad’s NRI friend from Russia had one Siemens mobile phone, I was so astonished to see that James Bond movie like gadget that I dint even touch it for the first few hours, (I was kinda scared that if I press some wrong key it might blow off) and to add to my strange excitement was that vibration thing, I could remember how dashed I was when suddenly that small blue colored thing lit up and started resonating on its own…
After few hours when my uncle made me familiarized with his mobile phone, I was in love with this gadget…
And that night while in bed I thought having something like this was still a fantasy to me…
Today when I look around world is changed, things and needs are changed but I still have a fantasy, fantasy to have my mobile phone, the phone which I can call FANTASY FONE…!!!

As most of Indians are, even I am more inclined towards English, and as a kid I always used to wonder what enables foreigners and foreign returns to be able to converse so fluently in English, so thought might they just put a microchip kind of thing in you whenever you go there, so even today I want my FANTASY FONE should enable me to converse in any language I want, like it should have built in translators.
I hate liars, so my FANTASY FONE would have a built in lie detector mechanism.
My FANTASY FONE would be moldable to any design any time I please.
FANTASY FONE must have sixth sense humane touch, it should be able to talk to me tell me how I look, which attire suits me most and I should be able to switch it to different modes, as if friend mode so it can talk to you as a friend, mentor mode to get advice from FANTASY FONE as your mentor would, and even girlfriend mode where you can get anything your girlfriend will give you and to get rid of girlfriend monopoly that enshroud your world…(and like INTEL INSIDE, FANTASY FONE would be GALFRIEND INSIDE)
Like SMS and MMS it should have PMS and FMS and HMS services too, in INDIA we have frequent power cuts so FANTASY FONE should be capable of sending and receiving wireless electric power, like we send SMS we can use Power Mailing Service, PMS to send or receive KWHs, and it would also have Food Mailing Service, FMS
ME: Hello! McDonalds, can you please send me a mc veggie burger.
McDonalds: Thank you sir, your order will be delivered in 10 seconds kindly place your PHANTASY PHONE in food tray…
And my FANTASY FONE would get me instantly transported anywhere I want to, Human Mailing Service, HMS
FANTASY FONE must be a multitasking fold and fit device, like when ever you just want to watch a movie, a click and it would get converted into a small 3D screen, or whenever you want to get printouts, just a click and it turns into a mini printer.
And my FANTASY FONE should be free, so it needs no anti theft mechanism.
And yeah FANTASY FONE would also enable me to call someone in case I still need something apart from my FANTASY FONE (PHANTASY PHONE) …

And the revolution begins with the new  Tata DOCOMO OneTouch Net Phone ( it wont be far when you get all of the above features included...


  1. Loved the post. Almost made me fantasize about "my stuff", you get what I mean? Don't you? ;) By the way, your fantasies about your phone can be risky, too. Very risky. Think the other way round! :P

    All the best for your IB, contest, Namit.

  2. Hey thats a great idea... a phone with a translator. Imagine we could call anyone in the world no matter what language and speak comfortably in our native tongue and understand perfectly thanks to phone translator.
    Awesom awesom idea buddy, that gets my vote.
    Do check out my post as well and dont forget to vote if you like it.
    Too Smart to be True.


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