Thursday, October 7, 2010

One night AfTer call centre

One night AfTer call centre

Still 1 more month left before I join TCS, and now I ve started enjoying this call centre culture of Gurgaon, I am working here for 40 odd days, life here is all dead if you don’t know where to find it, clubs, night life, cabs, structures, deadlines, breakups, and CASUAL sex these are the basic components Gurgaon is composed of…
CASUAL sex, this is one of the few terms I got acquainted with in this BPO city…
These are few uncensored, totally exaggerated portions of the conversation I had with my roomy in these past few days…
(I am not sure if he will be glad to see his name on this noble blog so I will just call him 3D, not coz life is beautiful in 3D, but this guy lives his life to the fullest in all possible dimensions, totally insane, no motions no emotions he have, to think before he does is absolute wastage of time for him, and most of all 3D is Dumb Dumber Dumbest)
It was just another night after our call centre shift, our shift ended at 21:30hrs, and usually it was 23:00hrs when our cab parked us back to our apartment, me and 3D I mean…
“She was damn hot”, said 3D as we entered our room,
“The one sitting next to me”, I exclaimed
“Yeah that one, look I got her number”
“Dude you are crazy, it was her first day, leave her she is not your type and...”
and before I could say it he intercepted me,
“Why would you care, and I am going to call her now”
“What!! And who gave you her number”
and before any further delay he called her…
3D: Hello Seema. Welcome to Convergys. (Yeah, her name is Seema, and we 3 work at Convergys, me 3D and Seema and it was her 1st day at Convergys)
Seema: Thank you, who are you?
3D: I am Dev, we share same cab.
Seema: Okay, So?
3D: You are gorgeous, I have been thinking about you since then, it wont be much if I say it is some kind of love at first site.
Seema: That’s your problem, looking after what you feel or think is not my job.
3D: That’s rude.
Seema: That’s precisely how I treat a stray DOG.
3D: I won’t be rude but I assume you know what the female of the family is called.
Seema: How dare you call me a bitch?
3D: Well that’s precisely how I treat a self obsessed bitch.
Seema: Fuck off.
3D: Fuck you.
Beep Beep Beep…..

“Stupid chick, she feels she is the only beautiful girl around, who is she to call me a dog”
“Our new team lead”, I replied politely, taking utmost care that it doesn’t hurt much…
“WTF!! Why dint you tell me earlier, I would had asked for some appraisal, anyways will catch her in office tomorrow, still whatever you say she is hot”
as I said nothing could infect this insane creature, he was still happily laughing, the craziest guy I have ever seen, 3D, Dev Dog Donkey…
As I expected the day opened with crackers for 3D, Seema blasted him really bad, I don’t know if he was upset but yeah today he was not smiling so to celebrate this lost victory we decided to bump ourselves into LAST CHANC after our shift…
Last Chanc Bar, it’s a really nice place, they have everything you need to get over your breakups, to celebrate your newest relation, or to get a new one, and the best thing is it won’t be your last one, things and people are in abundance here, they have it, just anything you need…
As usual my dog was busy looking for a new bitch, sorry I meant 3D and a new girl, while 3D was away I saw a really nice girl at other corner, she was alone so I just though trying my luck and determined I asked  her…
“Mam can I get you a drink”
“Idiot I already have one”, she replied or might be she shouted…
Well I know I suck at it, and that was my last chance at LAST CHANC, but my boy 3D was already dancing with yet another hottest chick around, no I was not at all jealous, or might be I was but I knew he have this charm which I thoroughly lack…
We were almost drunk when 3D’s newly found love Sana dropped us back home and the day went absolutely smooth at office, 3D was busy texting Sana, when suddenly he said,
“Don’t come home tomorrow night, a personal guest of mine will be visiting and she is staying for night”
“But I can stay in my room, I won’t disturb you guys, you have your room”
“No she wants total privacy”
“Okay”, I nodded.
and just to act curious I asked,
“So you guys are gonna make out”
“Yeah, I guess so”
“Do you even know her last name?”
“Is that a prerequisite to make love with a girl?”
“Don’t tell me you love her”
“I said make love with her, Casual sex I mean”
“Oh yea casual sex, so sex is the answer you have for every relation?”
“No!! Sex is the question, and the answer is YES”
“Well you win, don’t wait for me, I wont be coming home tomorrow night, and yeah use precautions”
(I stayed at some other friend’s place, it was not the first time so it was just a normal night out for me)

Next day we met in the office and I asked,
“So how was it?”
“It was good, she is terrific, not the most terrific but yeah she is good”
“So it’s over?”
“No, I guess I like her”
“Dude I am not staying out for another night”
“Chill dude, next time you can stay in your room actually she is not that shy” 

Next few days were very normal, Sana never came home again but 3D used to see her at The Club or LAST CHANC occasionally…
One day when 3D told me that he wont be coming to office, he is going out with Sana, I was pretty shocked as it was the only relation 3D was concerned for, else none of his relations lasted more then few hours…
He was already there when I came back, and he was crying, he was the last person on the earth I could expect to cry, I thought might be he broke up with Sana but I was sure a breakup can never be enough to make 3D cry, so I just asked,
“Hey, what went wrong, everyone is fine at your place?”
“Yes”, he murmured.
“Is it related to Sana?”
“What is it? You guys broke up?”
“No, Sana is pregnant”
“Fuck man, how?”
“Shut up, don’t you know how a girl gets pregnant?”
“Sorry, I meant when it happened, I told you to use precautions”
“She insisted that she want nothing between us”
“And you agreed to it, how can you be so dumb”?
“And now she wants to have a kid, she won’t abort”
“Both of you are mad, dude drop it coz if the kid is even half as stupid as you guys are it already have no chance”
“I know but she is so sure that she….I am just…I don’t know what to do”
“Give me her number, I’ll talk to her”
“No it wont help, I know her, lets just go out I need some drink”
“Okay”, I thought I will just talk to them tomorrow and sort it out…
We came back and went to our rooms, and without saying a single word we went to hit our beds, it was 3 in the night and I was lost in my world of fairies when 3D shouted Namit, I just ran to his room and he was weeping like a kid (A kid to have kid), I asked,
“What is it now?”                                          
he kissed his mobile and gave it to me, it was an SMS, Sana’s SMS…

You think I can ever have an idiot’s kid, moron!
You fucked me hard,
I fucked you harder.
I won.
See you at LAST CHANC some time...

PS I: Tag this post as Adult.
PS II: Dev is my really good friend.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Who killed ME...

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Image - Alston Station by Wandering Soul
Courtesy - via

Liz ran as if she were being chased by a cheetah from the check-in point to the boarding gate to catch her flight from Hong Kong to Sydney, and her high healed Jimmy Choo stilettoes didn’t help. Business class she thought ironically to herself clumsily running with her macbook close to her chest and a carry-over Louis Vuitton purse clinging on her shoulder. The past few months had been erratic – late night calls, working weekends, high pressure presentations, the stress was all consuming and she had almost lost track of time but that’s the cost you pay to be the youngest director of a multinational entertainment giant. Today she was determined to run and get there for she deserved this vacation she had earned it, though her 30yr old un-exercised body was resisting.
She finally reached the gate and was escorted to the airplane. She was the last one to board and after bumping into a stewardess dropping her LV once and almost tripping into the lap of an old but handsome man she finally reached her seat. She glanced at the man sitting just behind her – engrossed in the latest issue of Autocar, Bose head-phones plugged in, he was in his own sweet world, her heart skipped a beat and she froze – all the old memories came rushing in, it was a similar day she met this guy Steve in a train, six years ago…

That day it was raining outside, so Liz took a cab to the station, had a train to board from platform 3A, she was going to Washington, and she was late that day…
It was a busy day at station as trains were getting delayed, there were people…lots of people around her, she was lost in the crowd where she could just see an unending trail of heads, and it was tough to say which head belonged to which body…
Chasing the crowd as she did when she was 16, to get a ticket to live concert of Backstreet Boys, Liz reached the platform rushing towards the coach she was to board, the final announcement for the departure was already made, she was out of breathe as she ran, and she was the last one to board…
“You missed it, almost!!” said the guy sitting next to her.
“Did I!!”
replied Liz, with the same intensity.

(Liz a beautiful 24 years old girl, beyond any known human psychology is lost in her own dark world of pain most of the times, earlier this year she started working with this entertainment agency as a secret crime reporter, and was going to Washington to cover a scam involving a list of highly influential Americans, and if successful she would bring out one of the biggest defense deal scam in Americas history…)
Liz was struggling with the papers and few photographs when she noticed the guy sitting next to her was curiously odd, he was wearing this long dark gray overcoat at this time of year when no one else would, and was oddly observing her…

(Steve is a 28 years old man working with American Intelligence and was sent to stop Liz reaching Washington, he had a gun and orders to kill Liz…)
And the next instant she found herself staring this guy with brown hairs and blue eyes, she thought he was beautiful…
“Hello, I am Liz” 
he smiled and replied,
“Hello. I am Steve”
“So you are going to Washington?”
“Yes, and you”
 “I am going to Washington
“You live there”
“No, just a family engagement”, “you live there”
“Steve, so gracious you are”
“I mean you look beautiful, you are a treat to my eyes”
“If I agree with you we’d both be wrong”
And a brief laughter followed…
Liz found a strange charm in this guy, the aura Steve had was making her mad, she wanted to own him as she had everything she wanted to…
When Liz was a kid she broke every toy she had, just to know that she owned it and had a right to do whatever she wished, Liz wanted to own Steve, not she loved or liked him, she just wanted him, to posses him was all she was thinking of, to see him in pain would make her happy if she could be the cause of his pain, she wanted him to plead, plead for the mercy from his possessor, the possessor Liz wanted to be, she thought if she could kill him coz he belonged to her, those dark thoughts stirred up all her emotions, the emotions which were beyond any reason or logic or wish or need, just a dead desire to own him was all she felt…
Steve also found Liz charming, every time he thought of the reason he was sitting besides her, he felt a jolt, he wanted to talk to her, he thought its still few hours left before the night, the time which he had decided to kill her so he will just talk to her, but being friendly with your victim just before you hit wasn’t a protocol to be followed and he chose to maintain magnanimous silence…
“So you are a detective”, asked Liz
“No, why would you ask that”, appalled, he replied
“Just your appearance”
“Ohh!! I am just an actor, a thespian you see”
“I never saw you before”
“I just started with it”
“That’s great”
Liz wanted to talk further, but as usual she found nothing to talk about, and was searching for a conversation starter, and soon she was lost into her own world…
It was dark outside and soon everyone would be sleeping thought Steve, this would be the time, but using a gun wont be possible so he decided to slit her throat, and then he closed his eyes to plead for the mercy and to be forgiven for the sin he would undertake…
It was around 03:00 hrs when a lady cried, HELP!! HELP!!
She was a fellow passenger who first saw the blood all over the floor, soon all lamps were fired and train guard came in, he examined the body and found some one had slit his throat and ripped it apart most brutally, Steve was dead…
Liz was missing…
Today, Liz smiled at that man sitting just behind her and said,
“You look beautiful, you are a treat to my eyes”

And who am I??
I am nothing, but a treat to your eyes.

1.   Ruchi Ballal, for helping me with the story in blue.
2.   Hari, for all the help.       

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