Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jamia 3G

November’2006, first major assessment of engineering, Engineering Mathematics…
It was 25 marks affair, 12 marks for 2 minors 6 marks for each and rest 13 for the class notes, yeah its kinda strange but even in B.Tech we were made to maintain class notes and were graded upon the quality and quantity of those notes…
As decided notes were to be graded as per 3 categories:
Alpha- Good ones- 10 outa 13
Beta- Average ones- 07 outa 13
Gamma- Good ones- 05 outa 13

Scene I:
For assessment a room was decided, every student has to go in there and get his notes examined and his examination answer sheets were to be evaluated there. The best part was that assessment was on first come first killed basis, so it gave me some more time to increase the size of notes, as expected all the good students got 8 or 9 marks for minors and an Alpha, average ones got 5-6 marks along with Beta, and as I noticed now the grade given was Gamma, I knew finally it was the turn of glorious back benchers, and as it proceeded there were many 2s 3s and 4s along with Gamma…
Then came Tabish’s turn, he got 1.5 for minors, and for the grade I dint even bother to ask what it was for I knew it would be nothing more than Gamma, now came Sunil I thought it would be an achievement for him if he could equal Tabish, and as expected he got only 1 outa 12 for minors now I was laughing and I thought man its actually bad for him, he got the lowest marks and a Gamma, bad it was…
After few more mins I went in, I was kinda sure that I would get a Gamma, but I knew I would somehow manage to get 3-4 marks, but the joy was short lived,all I got was 0.5 for minors…
Scene II:
Same evening we were all sitting in the sports ground, I was totally desolated, when Tabish came to me and,
Tabish : Yaar mujhe to Delta de diya. (I got Delta)
Me: Abe mujhe bhi.(Me too)
Sunil:Abe saale ne mujhe bhi Delta de diya re. (even I got Delta)

As they give capital punishment for rarest of rare crime, we three got Delta for being poorest of poor
I don’t how it felt to be a topper as I never got highest marks ever, but now I knew what it felt like getting lowest of all, it was terrible…
But one thing I learnt in engineering that every thing was in abundance, there came so many terrible moments thereafter that it no more felt bad, it was just as usual as any other day…Proud being an engineer, electriCOOL engineer… J J


  1. I love the picture :D
    I've never topped either :p
    I've always been an average student! Still am :)

  2. well even we never bothered to top, and being average is so average so we chose to be the last ones and most of it comes with the least possible efforts... :)

  3. Thats what college is about..failing over and over again and never ever cumin up..thats wat makes it so special :)
    Will read more of your stuff soon..:)


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