Friday, January 21, 2011


17:00 hrs, Nov 6th, 2010 Kochi Airport, a beautiful evening it was, mesmeric view of coconut trees, coconut trees and only coconut trees…
04:00 hrs, Nov 7th, 2010 Trivandrum, first thing I noticed was a signboard saying Kanyakumari-80 Km, just 80 km away from the lower most part of India, now I actually realized that I am almost 3500 km away from the place called Delhi…
08:30 hrs, Nov 8th, 2010 Technopark, Trivandrum, my work place, next two days were meant for verification of documents and making us acquainted with few company policies and hell loads of rules, CODE OF CONDUCT this what they call it professionally…
05:00 hrs, Nov 11th, 2010 B.G.PLAZA, Trivandrum, my so called hotel, now for the next two months I’ll have to leave for office by 6 am and start working from 7 am…
Now this was how I started with Kerala Disasters...

Kerala is a state in southern India with a totally different life and people…Yes it is a nice place which I must say is tastefully f**ked up…
Spoons, forks, deodorants and slippers, people here generally avoid using these not so useful articles and their love for coconut oil is laudable…at times you might get confused that is it just the same coconut oil they applied in the morning dripping all over their face or the next oil well discovered would be in their head…(now this was probably an over exaggerated stuff by my frustrated mind but I have seen women there applying oil in huge quantities and most of all they don’t wash it before going out.)
Weather is another very important factor which makes this place totally uninhabitable, its just so hot, humid and stinking…the worst part is its same every day, hour and minute…
It took me not more than few hours to realize that I can never adjust in this damn place but I still had some Kerala Delights which came my way, friends I made there…
Now I actually know what they meant when they said “Don’t look for excellent people, look for excellent relations”…n finally…

15:00 hrs, Jan 20, 2011 Delhi Airport, I am smiling, I am happy, and I am half-gladdened that I left that place after all it was not that bad, at least people there were good…

P.S. I – Please please don’t take it as an offence, not even a word of it, it was just some fun.
P.S II – Comments will be approved only if they follow Code of Conduct.


  1. Come on, man. Why so fucking serious? You didn't like that place - END OF IT. Was there an obligation for you to like that place? Of course not. No one needs to take an offense of it, yes, with a "s", not a "c." But, anyway. The point is: Don't give a damn about anything, or anyone else.

    By the way, welcome back!

  2. Just came across your blog!
    Your header is funny :D I mean, it's different!! :)
    Nice blog!

  3. @arjit: yeah dude m all chilled, its just at tyms venting out helps... :)

    @LD: :) :)

  4. i have also so many frnds from kerala ..still i didn't get chance to go there but yeah once i wud like to visit there coz the people of kerala r so loving.

  5. hahahahahahaha..this is funny..!!
    Coconut oil wells would be awesome though :P

    Excess of everything is bad..and when its not home...everything is bad. =/
    I hate Jaipur, both people and place.
    And where did you find that restaurant...hehehe...!!

  6. well i havnt been to jaipur yet, still m sure people dere aint bad... :)
    n dis was a restra in Trivandrm...u misd it... :P

  7. I have my not so happy memories related to Jaipur, so full hatred for that place.

    I'll go there again..i have to see this,eat here :D :D

  8. well google n find dere contact may be dey deliver to jaipur on a spcl req... :D


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