Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TK, PG & NA- Beyond Obvious….

Dynamically Destined Dogs….
Chronic back benchers, 3 technically dead guys stuck in a damn technical world…
Making a new f**ked up attempt to f**k our f**ked up life every day…
Just to start we, I know are the only living beings (I missed human, well that’s intentional) in this not so living place...
People around us are live, dead life what a fancy it is…
We have a lot in common but most specific thing is that we wanted to do some thing, we were made to do some thing else, now we are again doing some thing totally different, and again we plan to do some thing totally opposite…
We three are working in an Indian IT giant as software engineers…Before that we were electrical engineers…And much before that we never wanted to be engineers…
We are dynamically stagnant and so much in love with our lives that we hate any unnecessary changes made to it...
We are so used to live lavishly in scarcity that we don’t even wish for things, coz we are actually scared that god might be generous enough to grant few of  those wishes…

TK - Tabish Khan, or The Khan one of my best buddies, we have been together in a lot of things few good, and most of them not so good, this guy I must tell you is in love with cinema, he always want to live his life in black n white. I like him for the things which an average HUMAN being would hate in him, for instance he believes in GOD coz GOD gave him the liberty to choose over good or bad rather than imposing it. He is the one who taught me that only person you need to make yourself happy is ‘YOU’. For him love is just a beautiful rose which eventually dies, but could be sacredly preserved even after it is dead. One thing I would like to tell him is that “the people who do not value human emotions and feelings are the worst men of whole human kind”, and you are one them. (OK! Now stop laughing I know even I am one of those) 

Next comes PG, Piyush Gupta the Professional Gadha yeah that’s exactly what we are…dumb professional ass…its almost 3 months since I know him...
 Its very rare that you will find this guy smiling, coz most of the times he is laughing, and I must tell you that he is extremely contagious, you can not be you when you are with him, you are so much involved into his smoky world which is insanely alcoholic...

NA, Namit Aggarwal that’s obviously me. I am just another normal and very ordinary guy totally involved in my excitingly boring life. ‘MY’ life I am in love with this MY word, I love to live in MY world and that’s all you need to know about ME.

Apart from 3 of us I still want to write about a loads of people, and I will do I it soon, so al you guys there soon you will get a personalized dedicated space some where around on this blog.

P.S. – Use of excessively less oxymoron was accidentally intentional as this one of few things I have learnt lately.


  1. Hey, Hi
    Well, thats what engineers are supposed to do,aint it?? study some s**t and work on somethign totally different...The height being, the neighbourhood aunty expects u to fix her tap/fuse/grinder/washing machine/fan n everything jus bcoz we are "An Engineer"
    Buddy, life becomes a S***hole the moment you fill out the forms for engg...the good side abt it is something only we can understand, which is so nicely expressed in your post..."lavishly in scarcity" ;)

    The Silhouette...

  2. yeah thats what we are expected to do...the best part is we could always do it the way we like it...we do create nicely but we are best when we destroy... :)

  3. Thanks for your comment :)
    Every link is of '' or what?? :p

  4. :)
    and i guess the links r user specific... :P

  5. ha ha u describe about others ver well sirji. but dont its too much f****kg..ha haaaaaaa..

  6. Exactly. Engineering has these issues, which leave us downright clueless at moments. But it still remains our top choice because of a lot of reasons, which I wrote in this post some time back. Hope you'll agree :)

  7. So, what exactly is the concept behind your blog title.. 'When I Was A Boy' ? Is is that now you're more of a man? :D I dunno. It's pretty random and striking! *Curious* =D

  8. exactly...i am a man now... :)
    anywaz i was planin to kinda change name of my blog...any suggestions??

  9. haha stuck in the whirlwind of IT isnt it...well the fateful day we decided to be engineer...we chose our death bullet of IT...innit!!

    Professional Gadha....lolz :P :P


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