Thursday, August 5, 2010

AXE her EX

The story revolves around a million thoughts, a million dreams, a million emotions, and 3 hearts, homes to these emotions, thoughts and dreams…And these three hearts belong to

Mr. ME – Well that’s me, I am a student at an engineering college in capital city.

Ms. MY – My girlfriend, who is currently working with a hotel group in capital.

Mr. X – Ms. MY’s old flame, her EX, he is a Pune based designer, he is radioactive and emits unpleasant, irritating and frustrating vibes, and this man reminds me of the gay designer in legally blonde…

We were happy (almost), it seemed we were a perfect match. We met on a social networking site and she told me that she had a break up and was very upset, as Mr. X had been very rude on her so I just said do not take your ex boyfriend's bad opinion of you as the truth, Nothing he thinks or says about you is about you, but rather a reflection of his own reality, and while consoling her and making her comfortable I some how started liking her and we started it that way…

At times we used to talk about our ex, but mine was a happy ending so I dint had any hurt feelings or remorse against any thing…

We use to meet twice a week, generally in CP it was near to her workplace, at times she came to my college and we use to hang out in my college campus and one day we were sitting some where and she said, today he called ( I knew what this HE meant but just not to act shocked I asked), who he??

Ms. MY - “Mr. X”

Mr. ME – Ohhh!! And why he called??

Ms. MY - He said “heard “our song” on the radio this morning and thought that was a sign I should call you.”

Mr. ME – How dumb!!!

Ms. MY - What??

Mr. ME – Nothing, is he studying something called symbology!! He interprets signs??

Ms. MY - No, actually we had few songs and we used to sing those when ever we met.( how boring)

Mr. ME – Very nice, so what else he said?

Ms. MY - Nothing in particular, he was just asking about my work and you, and he said can he be friend with you on facebook… (what the f***, why the hell would I be friend with him on facebook!!!)

Mr. ME – Ohh yeah, no issues tell him that he can find me in your friend list.

Ms. MY - I will, if he calls next time…Do you mind he called me??

Mr. ME – Ohh not at all, I trust you…(hell I trust in, and I seriously mind it so much that I am running out of my mind thinking about it)

I knew it wasn’t a good thing if your present’s ex calls her and talks about past, but I had to bear with it, it took me almost a week to make her stop talking about her past relation, I started giving her more time, and the best I could do was to get her into some thing called future planning…

Yeah, if Mr. X had past I had future, and that helped a lot…

I was almost certain that it won’t haunt us anymore, and antithesis to all anticipated, Mr. X came again, yeah it was at a restra in CP and it was the first time I met him, according to him he accidentally ran into us, but we all knew it, there was nothing inadvertent in it…

Dumb and Dog, an apposite apothegm for him…

Well he joined us and as I told you he reminded me of that gay designer, he was wearing a bright red tee and a green jacket, (yuk, that was the next bad thing of being naked in public) and then he complimented her, wow your hair look beautiful, Why didn’t you ever grow your hair long when we were together. (what the f*** he was saying and Ms. MY is smiling to it, hell bad it was, but again I had to bear with it.)Now I was sure he was reading some Matt Huston book…

In the night she smsd me “ hope you dint mind meeting X” (yeah why would I, it was the first time in my life I saw a radioactive alien)…

Mr. ME – Ohhh come on, why would I, he is a friend now…(a friend I would want to kill)

Ms. MY - Isn’t he sweet…you never compliment me… L (mera loss kisi aur ka gain)

Mr. ME – Well I am increasing my sugar intake from now on…soon I will be as sweet as you want…

Ms. MY - Shut up idiot, love you…(ahhh god, at last)

And Mr. X was out for the next few days till the next time we met, that day she was quiet upset, and I asked what is it??

Ms. MY - NOTHING!! (Thats the word girls love the most, you ask them why are you crying and they say NO i am not crying, yeah I am blind that I cant see those tears and I am deaf I cant hear you sobbing)

So after asking at least 20 times I got to know that she was upset coz if they were together it would have been their 2nd anniversary( I doubt it was second, the way she was lost I thought they must have been together for at least 4 years)… Mr. X was back and he was haunting me, I can’t take it that way…

I said hey baby you know what it’s my 40th life anniversary. ( we were together since 5 months, so 5 months * 4 weeks * 2 days = 40 times we met each other)

Ms. MY - What’s that now?

Mr. ME – Well for the every time you are with me, it’s a life lived in peace, full of happiness and joy, so that way I had already lived so many lives. (Shit!!! How can I be so romantic, thanks to Mr. X)

Ms. MY - Love you…

Mr. ME – I love you too…(I felt both of these LOVE YOUs needed disclaimer, they were in no way related to anything real)

Ms. MY - He called me today. (Should I be appalled!! As if it was the first time he did that)

Mr. ME – Ok, and what did he say?

Ms. MY - He said, he has a new blog post up about me.. ( now please don’t expect me to write some thing for you)

Mr. ME – That’s good, you know even I have written some thing for you.

Ms. MY - Ohh yea!! You never told me, show me now. (NOW??? why did you choose that particular statement to be the only one you ever listened to?)

Mr. ME – NO!! it’s for your birthday, and we aren’t talking about it till then.

Ms. MY - No I want it now.

Mr. ME – No and I mean it. (after 20 mins of the argument I won, probably that was the first and the last time I won any argument between us).

Well when ever you are going out with your girlfriend make sure you sit at a table which can accommodate maximum two.

Never talk about first love.

Keep talking about your future as much as you can.

You are better then her ex, don’t try proving it, it makes you reminding her of her ex.

Talk about your ex!! no never it makes her jealous and a result she is again talking about her ex.

Don’t ever compare your ex with your present.

She might compare you, but don’t show agitation to it, you can always use a filler.

When I was compared I said, you know what I am still the best, better then the rest coz I have you and you are better then the best…JJJ

Its been 4 months now and my life is relieved from Mr. X now, thanks to that future planning thing, it really helps a lot, I still fear that Mr. X can soon become Mr. Yes of my Ms. MY and I will be Mr. X’s ex’s ex…but I wont let it happen, well we engineers can fix anything ( even if its not broken)…

I am happy now but it’s her birthday next week and I still don’t have any article written for her… KKK

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  1. Haha, Sorry if this is a true story, but I must admit that its very funny. :D

  2. well it isnt funny man...its kinda life n death situation at times... :)

  3. I can feel the emtions depicted here.. very well captured.. I had promoted this post..

    Do stop by, Save a Heart! Initiative... Click here to vote for me if it is worth..

    Promote this

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  4. Rofl! U r in for it! Hope she does not read this one!

  5. Dude...u definitely have this post written for her :) show her ;)
    Interesting post

  6. wit watever i hav read here... MR ME sounds like te "eternal lover" who will go to any lengths to please his muse. fact is MR Me deserves some more respect frm te confused self obsessed Ms MY. now who's fault is it... i dunno :)
    Love is such a cliche :) y don't u show her tis post wit te comments :)
    Mr ME shud read this frm a 3rd persons perspective thn he will see wat we see.
    sory to be so blunt.. good post.. keep writing.

  7. imaginative n really good post dude.. keep up the awesome work :)

  8. wonderful read...very unconventional style of narration but fun...u have a good sense of humor..and...those inset lines in parenthesis after some of the comments...really funny and I so related to them...keep writing :)

  9. @saravana: thanx will for sure vote for u..

    @aditya: yeah hope she doesnt...hope Mr. X does :)

    @rashmi: thanx..noway shez gonna read it...

    @the realist: apreciate ur concern, bt i like her d way she is.. :)

    @mayank: thanx fr d comment..

    @imroz: thanx...even d world inside u is very well written.. :)

  10. u can almost listen the conversation...good one

  11. @anonymous:thanx..(almost) :)

  12. That was a really good read. Can relate to everything mentioned...(been there, gone thru that)...
    Though beware, Mr. X will haunt you for quite a long time. Just don loose your cool over him..coz it makes matters worse! :) Good day..

  13. hey piyush thanx for advice, well i guess i wont let him haunt us... :)

  14. hi namit... gr8 post man! suggestion - try to put in more words... short and sweet is good... but it got finished way too early than i expected... nevertheless it was a good read... enjoyed it thorougly...

  15. well i thot it wud be too long if il let it flow, else i had too many instances to share, anywaz will keep ur sugestion wid me for nect tym...thanx...

  16. Is this a true story...even if its not,it sure seems true enough...nice one :)
    really love the Pics which add a lot of effect to the whole post

  17. Well if he was abusive and rude, you better try and tell her that the ex is not being nice to her for her sake, but more because he now sees that she is happier with someone else. And to your girlfriend, dump the ex woman, its no use talking to an ex who is trying to play you so that he can get an ego stroke that women love him forever and nothing else. Pls step out of the confusion. And Namit, let this be her decision after you tell her how you feel about it. If she makes a mistake, then its her responsibility, if she chooses you then both of you share the responsibility :-) good luck

  18. well i dont want her to make any mistake so i am kinda being judgemental in deciding wats ryt n wats wrong fr her...dats it.. :)

  19. Good take on ex. Make it an Ex :)
    She still talking about ex not a good preposition.
    Best line:
    ...well we engineers can fix anything (even if its not broken)...
    Keep writing...


    Desi Girl

  20. @desi girl: thanx fr d comment n suggestions r most welcome...

  21. Well nice post !
    You write very well.
    Its a true story ?
    Hope he does not show you again.

  22. Wow! Cool Mr. ME! You did a great job... understanding a girl is a complex job... but it is simple when we dont think too much... we never try to read betwen lines... because they never meant that way! I liked your narration and story as well :)

  23. @abhishek: thanx for d comment dude, n for ur questn, refer my blogs description...keep visiting..
    @karan:thanx karan,yeah understandin gals is complex so i dont get much into it..keep visiting...

  24. Hmmmm iunno whether i'm supposed to read this...nwz luck with ms. my or whosoever..toodles..-astha

  25. Sorry I was too late to check this out[redirected by your comment in your blog which I saw only now]. beautiful post, subtly touched my heart. All I can say is[in one word]: Brilliant. :)

  26. @astha: yeah things r under control now... :)

    @satwinder: thanx for visiting dude...hope to cu regular..


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