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I'm more than a friend

It is going to be a long and boring post so I don’t mind even if you guys don’t read it wholly.
It is about my love story, love story which never went beyond friendship, an eternal friendship.
Every one used to tell me that love and friendship between a boy and a girl are two totally different concepts, though I had experienced none by that time, still I believed what most of them said…
I was in 9th grade when we moved into our new house and I had to change my school. It was 2nd may, 01 (I don’t remember most of dates but few are too important to forget).
After a break of few weeks it was so tough for me to get up early in the morning and I missed my bus on the very first day of my new school, then dad dropped me to school.
In the very first class of the day our mathematics teacher introduced me to class, and as I had already missed 1 month of classes, she told students to help me in covering it up…
I as a student was never in good books of my teachers though I was among toppers but still for some odd reasons they dint like me…
I was sitting on the last bench, it was the place in class room I liked most…and then Deepti mam started with ratio n proportions and first question she asked from me was “how will you divide 4 oranges among 8 people”. Who will ask such a silly question from a 9th standard boy (I could have taken it as personal affront but I answered) I said mam divide them into halves and distribute and she said good, (as if it was the toughest question she could ever ask) and then she said ok namit what if there were 12 people, now this was the limit…I replied mam better make orange juice and divide accordingly…
Whole class busted into laughter…they were looking at me as I was the only donkey they have ever seen…amongst those laughing faces I saw a smile…smile of a girl sitting in the very first row, soon I found my self busy in noticing those large and luminous eyes, that generous nose and those delicate lips and suddenly someone shouted “get out”…
Ohh!! It was deepti mam and I was standing out in the very first class on the very first day of my new school…I told you na...some odd reasons…
The day passed studying a bit and noticing her most of the time and making few new friends…
While boarding the bus to go back home I noticed she was in the same bus, and if you would had asked me what do I like most about my new school I would had said my school bus…
And then we both got down at the same stop, she lived the next block to mine…just a 3-4 mins walk from my place…for the first time I was glad, we left our old place…
Next morning I got up early just to reach stop few mins earlier so that I can talk to her, and when she came I just kept looking at her but she had such an aura I couldn’t even go near her…and then the day in school went smooth…few new more friends and I noticed how eloquently she spoke…the way her eyes rolled, the gestures she made, the way her hands moved, and the expressions on her face…for the next few days I tried talking to her in the classroom on the bus stop or in the bus…but all my attempts went into vain…one day in the evening I saw her sitting alone in the park and I went to speak to her, and as she noticed I was coming she said hi!! and smiled, I went near her but I couldn’t speak anything, words had abandoned me… after a pause she said…hello I am Niansha…
It was the most beautiful name I have ever heard, and still I couldn’t say anything and I left…
The days passed I still thought of going and talking to her some day…but I didn’t and summer vacations came…I never saw her in the park or anywhere in her block for the next 45-50 days…(for the first time in my life I wanted these vacations to end as soon as possible)…
on the first day after a long summer vacations I reached bus stop 10 mins earlier and I saw she was already there…I was standing, looking at the passing by traffic when suddenly I found her standing near me and she said hello namit, I replied hello Niansha…she said good to see after so many days, I smiled (I still dint knew what was happening, I was in a world beyond this world)…then in the bus we sat together and she told me that she was living with her relatives here and she went back to Moscow to be with her parents for vacations…and she was thinking about me when she was in Moscow and she knew even I thought of her and she found me irresistibly refined and oddly anachronistic, that time I dint knew what anachronistic meant but I chose to maintain magnanimous silence…and while getting down from bus she said namit I noticed you don’t like studying much so if you need any help let me know…for the rest of the day in school I was thinking about her and I thought what anachronistic meant, and I was in bit of awe that, does she know hindi at all…during my English class I asked my teacher, mam what anachronistic means, I noticed her smiling when I asked this question( while mam replied it means a misplaced event), I still was wondering how was I a misplaced event…
While returning she was sitting with her friends so we dint talk and while walking back home she said bye namit, and you are not a misplaced event…damn how could she read my mind every time…
In the following days I came to know that she was a topper, she knew hindi very well but she liked to speak in English most of the times, she was born on 23rd June in Mumbai, her dad had a textile business in Russia, she had an elder brother, she hated liars and cheaters, and she was here because weather there dint suit her much, it was very cold, her waist was 21 while mine was 28, she liked reading ( some stupid English novels), she had a modernistic approach to almost everything and her dressing sense was killing…and I was liking every thing about her…
I called her Nia and she called me nimmo, which I hated…
She gave me a pen on my birthday (I still have it)…and days passed and came our final examinations, exams went fine (she used to sit right behind me in the exams but I already knew that she hated cheating) and in the few days our extra classes were to start as we had to give boards this year…and soon our 9th standard results came, as usual she was the topper and I stood 3rd in the class…
After few days of classes it was time for summer vacations and she had to go home to visit her parents, I was to miss her a lot… she went without even saying bye…
2 days before our school was to start she called me and asked me to come to society park in the evening…
She was standing near fountain and she was wearing a short top and a half pant kind of thing (rather quarter, it was too short)…I went near her…
Me: Hey Nia! Belated happy birthday.
Nia: Thank you! How are you nimmo…?
Me: Good…and you…?
Nia: Great…
Me: Hey! What are you wearing!! Ohh this is so Texas and this is so Paris.
Nia: When did you assume the privilege of talking to me like this!! I will wear what I please!!
Me: L
Nia: I was just kidding joker… (yeah JOKER this was the new name she gave to me)
And then she just held my hand and said I was just kidding stupid…you can say any thing to me…come on let’s go for a walk… (her touch was soft and smooth and flawless and gentle and I wished she held my hand for ever)
DOVE, now this was what I used to call her and she called me joker…
She was so beautiful that half of the school liked her and the other half was jealous…
As she was with me for most of the time we were in school most of the boys dint like me, and I dint like the boys who tried to be over friendly with her…
Her dad gifted her new mobile, it was a Samsung phone and it looked beautiful…
I used to text her from dad’s mobile as my scrooge dad never got one for me…
At times we used to text whole night and talk about anything just anything from weather in India to night life in Russia…I used to tell her what I liked in her and she used to tell me what she admired in me…
On my birthday she gave me a vesache perfume she bought from Moscow, and we went for dinner in a near by restra…we never studied together as she used to study early morning and I studied late in the night…then our class 10th boards came and we went together to give exams on my LML scooter…exams ended well…now it was the most tragic time every Indian student have to face…we had to chose our career…Dove wanted to be a doctor so she was very sure of taking PCB, but I never knew what I will be doing but I was sure that I wont be a doctor so I decided of taking PCM, so this way we both have to be in different sections which was not acceptable to me so I decided to take PCM + B…yeah I was to be a PCMB student…it came as a shock to my parents and teachers…still I took PCMB and Dove took PCB and we were in same section(XI – C), for one class we had to change rooms when I went to mathematics class and she went to arts class…
One day our physics prof. was teaching us light and he said light is composed of tiny particles called photons which are not visible, and this came as a surprise to me and I said sorry sir but I can see photons, like when there is light coming from a window I can see small particles coming with that light and then he shouted you idiot those are dust particles which get illuminated in light and again I was sent out, odd reasons…
I was most out STANDING boy of the class, yeah she used to tease me with this…
Then came the results of first term exams of 11th standard…Nia was very upset, I asked how was it, she said PHYSICS, I got 62 and it’s the only subject I got less then 80% marks in, what about you…and I said PHYSICS, I got 86 and it’s the only subject I got more then 60% marks…
But I was happy, happy because now I had a reason to spend time with her, in fact I had 2 reasons, I could give her my time to make her comfortable with physics and I can ask for her time to let her teach me chemistry and biology…
She was alone at her home most of the time as her uncle and aunt both came late from office, so I went to her place to study, and there I noticed that she loved English songs a lot and the song my love which she was always humming was by her favorite band westside…and I always used to get cofitos for her…she loved that coffee like toffee
And the only hindi thing she used to sing was cofitos ka jaadu, bnd darwaje khulte hi jaye…
I used to play for my school cricket team but she never came to see any of my matches, she told me “noise in any form was antipathetic to her”, so she hated loud music, traffic jams, hooting, rock music and every loud noise, so I tried my level best to keep her away from all of these…I learnt a song on my guitar for her, it was from a band called The Zombies,
And if she should tell you "come closer"
And if she tempts you with her charms
Tell her no no no no no-no-no-no
No no no no no-no-no-no
No no no no no
Don't hurt me now for her love belongs to me

And if she should tell you "I love you", whoa whoa
And if she tempts you with her charms
Tell her no no no no no-no-no-no
No no no no no-no-no-no
Don't let her love from your arms
Oh oh oh oh
Don't hurt me now for her love belongs to me
She loved that song and my guitar… (just 2 of these)
Then came 21st December, my birthday…and she decided we are going to a discotheque, I seriously dint knew what a discotheque was…so I confirmed, where are we going Nia?
She said to a disco, and I told her that there is no disco near by, and she said so we will be going where ever it is, just find out…
And I had to do it coz I knew if she had decided it, it wont change…we needed a car and as I expected my dad said a big NO…(if I had to go by dad’s car, I will have to take driver along, which I dint want) so Nia told me she will get her uncle’s car…
So we were to go to a disc that day, it was first time in my life that I went to a disco…
She came to my house to pick me, and when I got inside car she gave me a woodland wallet, this was third gift she gave to me, I never gifted her anything as her birthday came when she was with her parents…
That day she was wearing a smart mauve color leather jacket and a mini skirt, I won’t express how she looked that day but I haven’t ever seen some one as beautiful as she was looking that day, we went inside the disco and then she took me to the dance floor…
Nia: Hey nimmo dance.
Me: I don’t know how to dance.
Nia: Just put your hands up and hump the air. (that time I thought it must be English saying, how dumb I was)
Me: you are looking too good today, but if your skirt was anymore shorter it would be a hair band.
Nia: Just shut up and dance.
Me: You are looking so beautiful, I might kiss you.
Nia: You look so stupid I might slap you.
Me: Mera Dil.
Nia: Meri sandal.
Me: Tuut gaya.
Nia: Tod diya… now just shut up and dance…
We danced for a while(actually she danced, I was busy looking at her), then we had our food and then she dropped me back…(it was 11:30 and dad was so furious to see me coming so late, still I dint care, it was the most beautiful day of my life)
I had spent whole evening with my doll…I actually felt she was a doll for me. (I could remember once my sister was crying and I asked her what happened and she said “I lost my doll” and I said don’t worry I will get a new one for you and she said no I want my doll, now I understood what she meant by “MY” doll)
Nia always used to talk about fairies and magic land…she used to tell me that some day a Prince will come on a white horse to take her, take her away from this world and I always replied I am gonna kill that Prince…
She was weird, she was always thinking about some thing, she was so different, once our English teacher told us to write a 2 line review on Julius Caesar, everyone (including me) wrote so monotonous stuff like it was the best ever love story, story of pride and sacrifice and all…but Nia wrote, Shakespeare’s reference to clocks is odd, as there were no clocks at Caesar’s time
I was in love with her, and she knew it, she could always read my mind…
Once I gave her my physics notebook and when she returned it, she made NA on it, I asked was it for, Niansha Aggarwal?? she said joker it meant Not Applicable…
Once while practicing after the classes I got hurt, and got stitches but I dint want to bother her so I thought of not telling her anything about it, next day I dint go to school and some of my stupid friend told her about it, she left the classes in between and came back home to see me and when she entered my room I saw her crying, and she hugged me( it was for the first time she was so close to me) and she was still crying and I said, stupid these are just few stitches, I could have died for this hug, she replied if you wouldn’t had, I would had killed you, and I said you already did…
I joined back school after a week and as final exams were near we had to study and after the exams we got our results and my Dove was the topper again while I was some where in top 5…
In a few days our classes started again, but Nia dint come on the very first day, after getting back home I called her and she said she was having a mild fever and she will be fine, and asked me not to visit her place as her aunt was home and she might not like it, a week passed and she dint turn up, I called her daily and she gave me same reply that she had a mild fever and she will be fine soon…
After few days Nia went to Moscow and left me forever…
On a following night my sister heard me sobbing in my room and she asked what happened all I said was I lost my doll…
Before going back to Moscow Nia came to see me for the last time and I could very well remember the last talk we had…she called me and told me to meet her near fountain in 5 mins…I rushed and saw her standing there, she was looking pale and thinner then ever…
Dove: Hey joker!
Joker: Hey dove! How are you?
Dove: I am good.
Joker: Liar, tell me what happened it can’t be just a mild fever, you look so weak and it’s been more then 10 days, what is it?
Dove: I came to return some of your stuff, your notebooks and all.
Joker: Kyu?? I will take it later stupid, you are not well you should rest.
Dove: Namit my Prince is coming and I am leaving tomorrow.
Joker: Shut up and tell me where you are going.
Dove: I am going back to Moscow, I am ill, my heart is very weak, I have a got a whole in my heart and it needs to be operated. (I was smitten)
Joker: Who told you that and you got to know it today?
Dove: I knew it since I was a kid but I have been too weak to get a major open heart surgery done.
Joker: You never told me, I hate you for this, I had a right to know it. When will you come back?
Dove: Namit I wont, treatment is just a formality, doctor said I have got last few days and I want to spend those days with my parents so I am leaving tomorrow.(I knew it was all true).
Joker: NO, you can never leave me, I won’t let you go.
Dove: I won’t leave you ever, when you have your daughter, name her Niansha and I will be back.
Joker: So why don’t you better me my daughters mum.
Dove: I wish I could, you remember that NA!! It was Niansha Aggarwal.
Joker: I knew it.
Dove: Namit promise me that you won’t ever enquire about me after I leave. You won’t cry much and will study well.
Joker: No, I want you back, I will get you back.
Dove: Promise me. Please do it. (I knew I had to promise it)
Joker: I promise everything you want, just don’t go.
Dove: I can not stand here for long, I am tired I will have to go, I have my flight at 3 am tomorrow.
Joker: Can I come along you to drop you to airport.
Dove: No!! Uncle will drop me. Bye Namit…
I knew this was the last time I was talking to her, this was the last time I can see her, I dint cry I just kept looking at her, I just wanted to hold back the time, and keep looking at her forever, then she smiled and turned to walk away I could see my life going away from me and I could do nothing to stop it…when she reached at the corner of the street, it was the last place I can see her, she turned and said…

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  1. hey a very long post..i read it wholly.. :P
    it was nice...enjoyed reading it...
    all the best for your life...

  2. Hmm I hope you know the meaning of anachronistic as i dont still..

    Sorry to hear about your friend, God bless both of you .. not sure what happened
    but it is really sad when two best friends part for whatever reason.. but as you said the love is there in the heart and I know we dont know each other but reading this post I am proud that you still remember your friend and wrote all this

    came straight from the heart .. beautiful

    HAppy friendship day Always

  3. well i just wrote dis post coz i just want every1 to know abt dat beautiful friend of mine...n yeah i do miss her.. :)
    thanx fr d comment....

  4. Aww....knew ur love story was in the pipeline....too bad it had to be so tragic!....sorry fr ur loss n best wishes fr d future
    keep smilin :)

  5. well dont be sorry...dese r just some hand picked moments from my diary...n i posted these coza her... :)

  6. A very sad one, i wont call it as a story but someday you may meet NA for sure..

    Frend - a simple word which synonym most powerful relationship in this world. Converts I to We - strongest bonding made of love and care!

    I wish you a good luck for the contest, "Friends Forever"

    Do stop by Saravana Kumar M - Friends Forever and feed me with your thoughts.

    If you wish to save a heart, then stop by Save a Heart!

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  7. Hi Saravana Kumar. An interesting post. I also don't want to grow up, coz being a boy is the best thing on the planet. I'd like to remain and think of myself as one FOREVER !!

    Anyway, is this a true story or fiction or part story part fiction ?

  8. Oops I'm sorry got your name wrong ! I meant Namit Agrawal, not Saravana Kumar (the guy who posted above) !

  9. @sarvana- thanx for d comment n wishes dude...

    @abhid- thanx...n for the question no comments...

  10. Hey Hearty Congratulations Blogadda Winner!!!
    Well written post...

  11. congrats for your win,,,your story is simply beautiful,,,is it true,,or a fantasy????

  12. @ the madrasi: hey do read my blogs description it mite answer ur ques, and thanx...yeah something like dis can neva be a fantasy..

  13. Hi Namit,

    congratulations and keep it up.


  14. thanx rs even ur story was really i said kinda cute.. :)

  15. Namit, This is so descriptive that i visualised the whole thing as I read, very touching and yes, congrats. you deserve the win.

  16. Hi Namit

    Congratulations on your win. Your post was indeed long but I read it fully and its very touching. Keep up the good work


  17. @asha: thanx alot...n m happy u liked my gal.. :)
    @jayashree: thanx for readin it...

  18. its really beautiful and touchin....
    keep up the good work.........:))

  19. beautiful..i loved her name..i wish dat the ending would have been a happy one..!!

  20. @ PulCHrituDinous : thanx for the comment...

    @ charu : yeah her name is really beautiful... :)

  21. @shikha... thanx fr d comment.. :)

  22. Hey congrats...though u dint temme..nwz u deserve it...may her soul rest in peace.. hope u get a nice gal though know noone can replace niansha..luck nd wishes...-astha

  23. @astha: well yeah she is happy whereva she is... :)

  24. :( that is why i hate reading love stories i had pledged i wont read one ever but somehow after a long long time i read your story only to end up in tears :'(

    i wish every one in love has a happy ending..

    btw well written that left me smitten ..

  25. well it wasnt meant to make any1 cry, its just fr dat fren of dont cry..keep smilin..
    n yeah u cant have happy endings in love coz..
    dere is no end to love... :)

  26. Namit..What should I say..
    I'm so touched...
    I did not missed even a bit or word of the post and grasped all the emotions!
    All the while I had this smile glued on my face..reading those cute lines and humour both of you had...

    And latter perhaps..future holds nothing for anyone! MAY SHE REST IN PEACE!!
    I'm sad :( just as much as you are...right now...right then..everytime...I know u have her cheering memories always with you..playing as a backbone , strenghtening your will-power!

    I must thankyou for sharing this post with me...and perhaps for preserving in you words in this blog!
    You have preserved the eternal love and care in words, in underlined thoughts and unique bond shared!!

    Be strong!
    ~ Keep the Spark ALive

  27. Wow...very long, but very moving. Happy that you met her, sad that you lost her that way. Congrats on the award. It was well earned.


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