Saturday, July 24, 2010

DREAMZZ UNLIMITED…. Janne kya chahe mann bawara….

I am different, this is what I used to believe as a kid, I thought I had a brain which works, I had 2 eyes 2 ears a nose and a mouth, I thought everything about my existence was more than ordinary…although I came to know it was the opposite… the things which I thought made me different were the most ordinary things I had…and one such ordinary thing was dreams…even I used to dream, dream of what I can do, dream of what I am doing, and dream of what I will be doing…that time I dint knew what a job or a career is… all I knew was I am gonna make it big...very big some day… I wanted to fly…all I wanted to be was superman or shaktimaan or even my dad’s driver ( I love traveling part), and DI’s friend’s boy friend ( ohh I could still remember that beautiful friend of her) .
and as I grew so did my senses and one day my 6th sense persuaded me that these aren’t big enough so I have to decide what I will be doing...

I can very well remember that I was in 9th grade when suddenly some patriotic part of me decided that I am gonna be an IAF pilot, yeah youngest pilot of India…this is what I and my 6th sense decided for me…I had my plans…to make India a super power… (This is what Indians generally crave for and so did I.) I decided I will be joining Indian Air Force( I loved IAF) so I dreamt of an IAF team called FORCE I, like special combat forces…(initially I thought of force X but made it I)…and so on and on and on….I slept with the same dream on 20th December 2002, and when I got up next day (21st December my birthday), Di was standing with a whole new world for me…I went near her and touched it…
it was my first real 6 string…
I loved it…

and then my 6th sense said “time keeps changing so do I”
gone were the days of IAF gone was force…now I had a dream a very clear dream.. I was to become a soul guitarist…that’s all I dreamt of…guitars, music, bands, concerts….I had always been a big fan of bryam adams and I dreamt of being as famous as he was..
but as every story has a villain
I had 2
L, my dad and our family business…
my dad hated my guitar like hell…he could not take his son choosing a guitar over family business…
I was adamant as he was and d first song I learnt was “papa kehte hai bada naam kare ga, beta humara aisa kaam karega”…but with me it was different..It was “papa kehte hai BADNAAM karega, beta humara PARESHAN karega”…
and then to add on to my miserable life were my dad's friends…I can remember once an uncle telling me “beta ye baja chodo padai par dhyan do”… I was calm at time but in my mind I killed him at least thrice, and I said uncle baaja nahi guitar kehte hai…
with such a criticism this dream seemed no more achievable, but I still had to try and I dint give up my guitar classes. I had to become a lead guitarist all I wanted was to work with backstreet boys…and days passed…some happy some sad…and due to spending most of time with my guitar I had already failed in my grade 12
th chemistry pre board exam…

and then came 21st December 2004 and what I got was the biggest gift of my life…I have never seen something as beautiful as it was…slim, attractive, smartest and fastest…
a Toshiba Laptop, I was so amazed with it that for next few days I almost forgot I had something called guitar…
I was in love(again) with this machine…
and then
my 6th sense said “time keeps changing so do I”
now I wanted to be an engineer…I wanted to play with machines…love them, live them…
now guitar was a history all I wanted was new machines…explore the power of science.. I wanted to work in factory with machines all over me…I dreamt of creating new technologies like Intel (I was so fascinated with that Intel Inside)... and to design an aircraft for Indian air force…there was so much I wanted to do...then I and my 6th sense decided I am gonna be an engineer…it made everyone happy…like a happy ending….
but as I always knew I am different so even this couldn’t suffice me..or you can say I couldn’t suffice seemed so alien to me…suddenly whole universe was falling on me, facing a hungry lion seemed easier then poking my head into damn machines…and then I realized god has a totally different plan for me(
what an idea sir ji)
then my 6th sense said “time keeps changing so do I”
yeah advertising…I loved those damn creative advertisements…
all I wanted was to have an advertising agency of my own…I have a dream…a very clear and elucidative dream of being in my office and creating an advertisement for a mobile company or a automobile company or an FMGC…I dreamt of being suave and sophisticated…MD of India’s largest advertising group..(Ayushman...yeah that’s what my group’s name would be)… and one fine evening I told my dad what I was going to be, an ad maker (it took hell loads of courage, for I knew a whole lot of drama and
dhishum dhishum would follow)…and as I anticipated my CEAT dad(born tough) could not digest it…our family business and parampara…I had to bear with it….and my dad said “besharam tu humari ijjat par DAAG lagaega”… (Not just said, he actually roared)…
but I was as adamant as he was… ab “

so after having experience in a number of jobs (IAF, Guitarist, Engineer, and many more…) I now dream of being the creative, the sophisticated, the suave, the debonair head of my advertising agency AYUSHMAN…I hope some day I will transform some of my dreams into reality…no dream too big, no dream too high...
till then…
Time keeps changing so do I


  1. Heyy! Padh liya and now for the detaileddd review- Cuuute! I thought its pretty genuine. Abt d air force thingy- very guyish, guitar thingy- wowwiee! Abt d engineer part, awww mus hav bn 4 yrs of torture den. Ad part- i absolutelyyy adore commercials! I mean most of dem (nt dat arey aap ke bache or 5 star walas). N u cn evn play ur jingle on ur guitar- ek poora n doosra aadha dream saath hi poore ho jayenge! On d whole- an enjoyabl read- happy u wrote it- n b4 i end, do run a spel chek. Yeah bas sab bol diya. N haa gud luck :)

  2. Nice post. Incidentally, I wrote my entry to the contest along pretty much the same lines two days ago! :|
    Totally with you with the guitar thing though. Since I play lead myself, I know how good it feels when you just lose yourself in the vibe of every guitar solo. It's overwhelming! Of course, I listen to metal, so the use of the guitar is a little different for me!
    All the best with the contest.

  3. @ HAPPYdiya: well thanx for the detailed review...i am glad u did it...n yeah m so hooked to dis SMS lingo...plz point out spel errors..if i mis any...

  4. @D2 yeah dude..i guess incidently its same wid all guys...we just cant stick to one dream or one passion...we kinda mutate every now n den...
    n for guitar thing i neva got to play wid any real band..leavin apart some chota mota plugging...n i havent touched it for years love is more profound for other things now...

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  6. awesome namit!!!
    Di's friends boy friend was the loveliest dream ever
    i Hope she hears :P :)
    and what all u wrote can strike a chord in ME and may be every one ..!
    I want to be a singer,,,,dancer....writer ...and many more!!Passions are Fluctuating with even Girls :-)!
    what eva u want to guitar..become MD of AD agency....try to Do all the one point U urself will come to know...which is the most important of all DREAMS!!!For now
    GOod luck for the contest !!cheers

  7. @afshan: thanx for the very generous comment...n yeah she knows about it...but her friend got married.. :(

  8. i love that India's image...
    being a kv product and dad in brings out desh bhakti spirit in full force...

    good luck with your advertising fun...

  9. @shraddha: wel u dont need to b a kv product or any1 close to u in army fr dat ful desh bhakti jst cmes frm within u..

  10. thanx alot...n same to you.. :)

  11. Haha! Loved "Daag achhe hai".
    Time keeps changing, and so do we. Keep us posted about your new dreams.

    Good luck with the contest.

  12. @moumita: thanx fr liking it...well yeah i would for sure update you if i have any new dream...n same to u...all d vry best fr contest...

  13. hey guys do comment on my new post...

  14. LOL @ the "after having experience in numerous jobs".
    Good luck for the contest! :)

  15. Well written buddy.. you have a very good style of writing.. I wish you a Good luck for the contest, My Dream Job..

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    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  16. hey nice one again...i wanted to be a truck driver in 5th std as i loved the part that they can travel at night...and wanted to be somewhat a choreogragher cum famous dancer(which i still dream of...guess gonna try in DID-3)..but for now i'm doing bds and got my result of 2nd yr today..CLEARED ;).. anyways as i said mast hai...

  17. ur gonna b a doc..nice...n all d very best fr did-3


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